Corporate Secretary PT Trust Finance Indonesia, Tbk

The Corporate Secretary is tasked with, among others, providing Company information services to the public, including corporate actions, submitting periodic reports and other material information that must be immediately submitted to the Capital Market and Financial Institution Supervisory Agency (BAPEPAM-LK) and the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). Based on Notarial Deed No. 661 dated 20 January 2016 on the declaration of resolutions of the board of directors’ meeting, there was a change in the office of the Corporate Secretary to Mr. Windy Wijaya, with job history and work experiences as follows: Citizenship: Indonesian Age, Place & Date of Birth - 36 Years old per 15 November 1985, in Jakarta. Educational Background: Bachelor of Economics from 17 Agustus University, Surabaya. Occupational Background - by virtue of Notarial Deed No. 661 dated 20 January 2016 on the declaration of resolutions of meeting of the Board of Directors, with indefinite term of office, but to be adjusted to the results General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS).
Work experience:
1. PT. Siantar Top, Tbk. (2006-2007),
2. Public Accountants Office of HLB Hadori Sugiarto Adi and Partners (formerly Adi Jimmy Arthawan) (2008 – 2014);
3. PT. Cowell Development, Tbk. (2014);
4. PT. Inter Zircon Indonesia (2014 – 2015);
5. PT. Trust Finance Indonesia, Tbk. (2015 – now).
Education or Training to Improve Competency:
1. POJK No. 47/2020 and POJK No. 58/2020;
2. The 10th ACGS Implementations: Road to ESG in Indonesia;
3. Targeting policy changes in VAT and Tax Income in the RUU KUP 2021 ;
4. ESG Risk Analysis & Management and TCFD Deep Dive - Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Accounting.
5. Financial Information Service System (SLIK) Reporting for Financing Companies.