Core Values and Nature of Trust Finance Indonesia, Tbk

PT. Trust Finance Indonesia, Tbk has basic values and leadership traits that are firmly held by every stakeholder. Basic Values include Integrity, Sustainable Development, Excellence, Proactive, Responsibility, and Group Cooperation. And for the nature - the nature of leadership include Competent, Forward-looking, Inspiring, Self-actualizing, Honest and Modest.

Core Values

We always apply the highest ethical and moral standards by always putting the principles of honesty and fairness in every activity.

Sustainable Development
We continue to be committed to continuously develop our company and its human resources.

We continually strive to achieve the highest performance standards.

We continue to seek and adopt new techniques and approaches to improve the quality of our business.

We are responsible to all corporate stakeholders for any decisions and actions we take.

We always put forward and support the diversity of our workforce based on the principles of mutual trust and mutual respect, and together achieve all the established goals by communicating with each other well.

Sifat-Sifat Dasar

Demonstrate leadership competence in making the right decision.

Can set goals thoroughly, have a vision that can be communicated well and then owned by all members of the organization.

Inspire and Actualize Yourself
Showing confidence in all interactions, in control, and endurance that can inspire and empower employees to continue to achievement.

Honest and Humble
Be sincere, humble and reliable. as well as honest who can be trusted.