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PT Trust Finance Indonesia, Tbk

financial solutions for financing

Working Capital Financing, Investment Financing, Multipurpose Financing

PT Trust Finance Indonesia, Tbk

Financial Solutions For Financing

Solutions to Financial Heavy Equitmen, Vihecle, Apartment

PT Trust Finance Indonesia, Tbk

Financial Solutions For Financing

Solutions to Financial Heavy Equitmen, Vihecle, Apartment

Investment Financing

Financing for productive purposes with a tenor of more than 2 years. Scheme Financing transaction transactions may include Leases of Financing, Sale and Lease Back, Factoring Receivables (With Recourse), Financing in installments and Project Financing. ... Read more

Working Capital Financing

Financing with productive objectives with a tenor of less than 2 years. Transaction scheme financing may include: Sale and Lease Back, Factoring (With and Without Recourse) and business capital facilities...Read more

Multipurpose Financing

Financing with consumptive purposes such as purchasing motorcycles, cars, electronic devices, and other consumptive needs. The financing transaction scheme may include: Lease Financing and financing by installments...Read more

Submission of Credit

To apply for financing different types of products, please register online from the form below this...Read more


To all Shareholders

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Hereby notified to the Shareholder, the Company will hold an Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and Extraordinary General Meetings of Shareholders("Meetimg") in Jakarta, on Thursday, June 27, 2019

The invitation of the Meeting will be published in 1(one) newspaper in Bahasa Indonesia on Friday, May 31, 2019, prevailing to the Regulation of Otoritas Jasa Keuangan Number 32/POJK.04/2014 regarding planning and Conducting of General Meeting of Shareholders Public Company

Those entitled to attend or be represented at the Meetings are:

a. The Shareholders of the Company whose names are validly in teh Register of Shareholders of the Company on May 29, 2019 through16:00 WIB:

b. The Shareholders of the Company whose names are validly registered in the account holder or the custodian bank in PT. Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia ("KSEI") on May 29, 2019 through 16:00 WIB:

c. The Securities account holders of KSEI under collective custody are required to provide Register of Sharesolders of The Company that they manage to KSEI to obtain a written confirmation for the Meetings (Konfirmasi Tertulis Untuk Rapat or "KTUR").

All motions from the sharesolders will be raised in the Meeting providing that motion meets the requirements as stipulated in the Article of the Company and have been received by the Company's Board o Directors no later than 7(seven) calender days prior to the Meeting

Jakarta, May 16, 2019

PT. Trust Finance Indonesia, Tbk





PT Trust Finance Indonesia Tbk (the Company) formerly PT KIA Asia Finance, was established by notarial deed of Maria Kristiana Soeharyo, S.H., No. 44 dated February 12, 1990. This deed of establishment was approved by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia in his Decision Letter no. C2-1394.HT.01.01.Th.90 dated March 13, 1990 and has been published in Supplement to State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia no. 39 dated May 15, 1990. Purba, S.H., No. 15 dated February 11, 2002 The Company's Articles of Association has been amended several times, most recently by Robert's Notary Deed of name change The Company of PT KIA Asia Finance becomes PT Trust Finance Indonesia Tbk. This deed was approved by the Minister of Justice and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia by Decree No.C-03015.HT.01.04.2002 dated 21 February 2002. In accordance with article 3 of the Company's Articles of Association, money of scope of activities of the Company is to conduct business in the field of financing in the form of provision of funds or capital goods which include lease, factoring, credit card financing and consumer financing. The Company obtained a business license from a finance institution from the Minister of Finance Republic of Indonesia by Decree No.159 / KMK.06 / 2001 dated April 3, 2001 and was amended by Decision Letter No.Kep 078 / KM.6 / 2003 dated March 24, 2003.

By joining PT KIA Mobil Indonesia (KMI) as one of the Company's main shareholders since 2000, the Company's focus is on financing the ownership of KIA brand vehicles. The main business transitions made by the Company turned out to be particularly positive because at the same time the level of public demand for KIA cars is quite high. The highest public interest is on the type of Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) considering the vehicle = vehicle of this type is more in line with the characteristics of the Indonesian people is a family vehicle with combines the concept of beauty and comfort. At the end of 2000, KMI waived all of its shares to PT Citratama Cemerlang Persada.

At the same time as the Public Offering of shares, the Company's name was changed to PT Trust Finance Indonesia, Tbk based on Deed No.15 dated February 11, 2002 made by Robert Purba, SH, Notary in Jakarta, and has been approved by the Minister of Justice and Human Rights Human Republic of Indonesia through Decision Letter no. C-03015.HT.01.04.Th.2002 dated 21 February 2002 and has been published in the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia No. 64 dated August 12, 2003, Supplement No.6735.

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In the framework of corporate social responsibility held a literacy to improve the science of financing of Vocational High School (SMK) AL Hikmah in east Jakarta

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Awarded by Indonesian Finance Companies Association (APPI) This award was awarded by TFI for Best Financing Company category

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