Board of Directors of PT Trust Finance Indonesia, Tbk

PT. Trust Finance Indonesia, Tbk has 3 board of directors which hold full decision to sustainability of the company. Suparman Sulina as the Board of Directors is assisted by Suhiwan Budianto as Finance Director, and Koko Tanjiono as Operational Directors


Suparman Sulina Suparman Sulina, Indonesian citizen, born in Medan on October 15, 1964. Completed his last education at the Faculty of Engineering, University of HKBP Nommensen, Medan in 1989. Joined the Company in May 2003 as Director. Prior to joining the Company, he had a career in PT Rizki Lancar Sentosa as Director (2002), PT Kapita Securindo as Finance Manager (1997-2002), PT Havilah Footware as Finance Manager (1993-1997), Luck Pile Ltd. as Finance Manager (1989-1993), Sheen Dragon Ltd. as Finance Manager (1989-1993).


Suhiwan Budiyanto Suhiwan Budiyanto, Indonesian citizen, was born in Tangerang on 30 October 1969. He completed his education at Gadjah Mada University in 1993. Non-formal education that has been taken is the course of Capital Market, Banking and Finance, Taxation. Prior to joining the Company in 2000, He had a career in PT Ricky Putra Garmindo, Public Accounting Firm Arthur Andersen (1995-1997), and PT Central Sari Finance (1997-2000).


Tandijono Koko Tandijono Koko, Indonesian Citizen, was born in Singapore on 24 February 1988. Obtained a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Canada West, Vancouver. Start joined the Company in March 2015 as Deputy Marketing Manager. Prior to joining the Company, he had a career at The Longfort Group 2009-2012), and PT. Artha Indomode (2015-2016), then served at the Company as Director since early 2018.